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Revenue Assam: Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS)

Revenue Assam Land Department is an ancient department existed since 1874. Earlier this department was Prior to this, the department joined the forest, land, and forestry, agriculture, enterprises, agriculture, animal husbandry, water supply, cooperatives, fisheries, autonomous organizations, and customs. This department was renamed in 2007 as the “Revenue and Disaster Management Department.”

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department is developed day to day for the welfare of the people of Assam in Modern times. It is being developed and made transparent, intelligent and incomparable with the help of the Department of Electronics and the Department of Electronics and the development of the relevant sectors.

In this field, it is noted that under the online Integrated Land Record management there are various major & important  E-projects are included. These are private property sales, unlawful flaws in the case of ownership handover, land record management & extension system, Online Registration, and Land Revenue(E-Tax) collections system are included.

With this integrated land record management system the land-related documents will be observed and also in the field of buying, selling, transferring, and registration, there will be served with immediate action for the lower class and poor people of Assam.

Revenue Assam | Search Land Record (Jamabandi) Online

Revenue Assam 2022: The Government of Assam has introduced the “Online Land Record Search Portal” namely revenueassam.nic.in in Assam which helps you to know information about the landowner. So you can check the land record before purchasing the property. Here we have shared all the information about how to check land records online in Assam using Pattadar, Patta No, Pattatype etc.

Assam Bhumi Search Online at revenueassam.nic.in

Now, you can check the online land details on Assam Revenue’s official website revenueassam.nic.in

After finding your land revenue, you can now verify whether the land is in your name or someone registered himself by illegal means, the history of the land who used the land before and its current state, quantity, the date of Jamabandi, etc.

Dharitree Assam: 3 Ways to Check Land Record (Jamabandi) Online: Revenue Assam

【1】Check Land Record by Entering Patta Number

If you know the Patta no. of your land, then you can check your Jamabandi by Patta no also.



Under dynamic economic development and social and cultural harmony, the country’s land resource management is responsible for ensuring that modern technologies and initiatives are highly appreciated by the public. The result of this land acquisition has been a major source of interest in the emerging economies of Assam.

It has been decided to make a systematic and effective measure of the land and the overall resources of the land to the extent that it has been recognized as the main objective of the land and the proper monitoring of the land and the proper management of the land. Land resources are in the future as a whole. For the most important, very important, very important in the field of land.

Technology Used in Assam Revenue Management System

Based on the Management Information System(MIS)and Internet Technology this is why the department has made easy access to the most important information. Document-wise, there was a special focus on documenting specific documents of land records. There is also a radical decision in the field of departmental / project management and planning of departmental affairs and programs in the field of land revenue of Assam. Modern record room and technology is established in a scientific way to study the documents and documents related to the collections of lands. To use the said technology, it has been also made a development platform to observe the systems.

Management: Revenue Assam

Assam Land Information and handle society, Village Land Management & control committee, the appointment of adviser in the District Leval Integrated management system, In circle office level, disaster management field officer appointment, New Gaon Burha appointment and the districts where still there is land tax is being collected by tehdilchari system, there will be a new system of circle official system land tax collection etc will be taken into account.

Future Deployment

It has also been contemplating the amendment of the proposed land laws and regulations and that it is a modern and future unfinished land code and that the landlords and the relevant history of the state. One of the most important decisions/suggestions has been taken, that we will be able to ensure proper and appropriate monitoring of the land and property development of the land, which will be included in the priority sector of Assam.

Under the guidance of the Government, it is trying to make a change and development in the whole Land Survey and record systems. Therefore modern technology like DGPS(Differential Global Positioning Systems) / ETS (E-Testing Service) is being used.

That the district level is more transparent to strengthen the constitutional framework of the district in the field of current survey and record management, settlement, transfer, registration, etc.

We Hope this article will help you to search your Land record in Assam online using the above-mentioned 3 ways. You can visit the official website of Revenue Assam (revenueassam.nic.in) for more detailsShare this article with your friends and help them to search for Land Records Online.