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100 GK Questions for Class 7th

100 GK Questions for Class 7th All questions are written keeping in mind, you can increase your child’s IQ level and general knowledge.

Easy 100 GK Questions for Class 7th

Nowadays the competition has become so much that we want to prepare our children in advance. All these questions have been written keeping in mind that you can increase your general knowledge power.

Friends, in today’s post, Top 100 GK Questions for Class 7th by reading all these Gk Questions, you can develop your children’s minds. All these questions are being asked wherever General Knowledge questions are being asked. So you will get more help there.

100 GK Questions for Class 7th Below Here

  1. When did the first five-year plan start? – In 1951
  2. How many bones are there in the human body? – 206
  3. Which vitamin is obtained from sunlight? – Vitamin D
  4. Where is the Golden Temple located? – Amritsar
  5. Where is Charminar situated? – Hyderabad
  6. Where is Qutub Minar situated? – Delhi
  7. Where is the Gateway of India located? – Mumbai
  8. Where is India Gate located? -New Delhi
  9. Where is Taj Mahal located? – Agra
  10. Where was “Azad Hind Fauj” established? – Singapore
  11. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated? – 5 September
  12. Who gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”? – Bhagat Singh
  13. Who gave the slogan “Do or Die”? – Mahatma Gandhi
  14. Who is called the Napoleon of India? – Samudragupt
  15. Which is the highest civilian award of India? – Bharat Ratna
  16. Who is called the Shakespeare of India? – to Kalidas
  17. Who is the first Indian to go into space? – Rakesh Sharma
  18. Which is the largest continent of the world? – Asia
  19. How long did it take to make the constitution? – 2 years 11 months 18 days
  20. Which is the first National Park of India? – Jim Corbett
  21. Which is the first train of India? Mumbai to Thane
  22. How many days are there in a leap year? – 366 days
  23. Which is the longest dam of India? Hirakud Dam (Mahanadi, Odisha)
  24. Which is the largest desert of India? Thar Desert
  25. Which is the largest delta of India? Sundarbans Delta (West Bengal)
  26. Which is the biggest dome of India? Golgumbad (Bijapur)
  27. Who laid the foundation of Muslim rule in India? Mohammad Gauri
  28. Where is Qutub Minar situated? Delhi
  29. Who inaugurated Qutub Minar? Qutbuddin Aibak
  30. Who got the Qutub Minar completed? Iltutmish

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  1. Who established the Azad Hind government? – Subhash Chandra Bose
  2. After how many years the Olympic Games are organized? 4 years
  3. What is the rapid fall in the reading of the barometer indicative of? stormy
  4. What is the name of the Indian desert? Thar
  5. What is the script of Hindi language? Devanagari
  6. When was Pakistan separated from India? 14 August 1947 in AD
  7. When did India become independent? – 15 August 1947 in EO
  8. Where is RBC manufactured? in bone marrow
  9. How many chambers are there in the human heart? 4
  10. The unit of power is? – watts or joules per second
  11. What is the percentage of Nitrogen in the atmosphere? – 78%
  12. What is used to correct myopia? – concave lens
  13. Which is the oldest mountain range of India – Aravalli
  14. Which river forms the delta of Sundarbans? – Ganges
  15. Which is the national game of India? – Hockey
  16. In which country did the game of cricket start? – England
  17. Liver-oil of fishes is rich in what? – Vitamin D
  18. What is the temperature of human body?- 37°C or 98.4F
  19. IC chips of computer are made of which material? – Silicon
  20. What is the scientific name of man? – Homo sapiens
  21. When did the first train run in India? – April 16, 1853 AD
  22. Human heart beats in one minute? 72 times
  23. How many spokes are there in the Ashoka Chakra? 24
  24. Which was the first film made in India? King Harishchandra
  25. Which is the smallest bone? steps
  26. Which is the biggest bone? femur (thigh bone)
  27. How many muscles are there in the human body? 639
  28. What is the life span of Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC)? 120 days
  29. What is the name of the largest gland of the human body? Liver
  30. Which is the oldest working rail engine of India? fairy queen
  31. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place? 13 April 1919
  32. In which book ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is mentioned? Rigveda
  33. In which part of the human body does the process of digestion take place mostly? small intestine
  34. Which metal was first used by humans? Copper
  35. Silkworms are reared on the soft husks of which tree? Mulberry
  36. Which is the nearest planet to the earth? Vesper
  37. Where is the image of an object formed in the human eye? retina
  38. In what is the intensity of sound measured? decibel
  39. Which is the maximum gas in the Sun? hydrogen
  40. Which is the brightest planet visible from the earth? Vesper
  41. With the help of which fishes breathe? gills
  42. What is the process of making food by green plants called? Photosynthesis
  43. What is the meaning of WWW in computer language? world wide web
  44. Which river is called Dakshin Ganga? Godavari
  45. What is the total number of spokes in the Indian National Flag? – 24
  46. Which is the national game of India? – Hockey
  47. Which was the first satellite launched by India? – Aryabhata
  48. Which is the highest peak in India? – K-2 or Godwin Austin
  49. The climate of India is? – Tropical
  50. New alluvial soil is called? – Khadar
  51. Old alluvial soil is called? – Bangar
  52. The headquarters of the Indian Army is? – Delhi
  53. Which was the first country to issue paper currency? – China
  54. Which is the main festival of Sikhs? – Baisakhi
  55. Which great man is called Iron man? – Sardar Patel
  56. Who is the author of Mahabharata? – Maharishi Vedvyas
  57. Who gave the slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan? – Lal Bahadur Shastri
  58. Which is the purest form of carbon? -Diamond
  59. The national animal of India is? – Tiger
  60. Where is Hawa Mahal situated? Jaipur
  61. Which Sikh Guru is considered the founder of Sikhism? Guru Nanak
  62. Which is the national animal of India? Tiger
  63. Which is the national bird of India? Peacock
  64. Which is the national aquatic animal of India? Ganges Dolphin
  65. Which is the national fruit of India? Common
  66. Which is the national flower of India? Lotus
  67. Which is the national tree of India? Banyan
  68. Which is the national game of India? Hockey
  69. Who gave the slogan “Jai Hind”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  70. Who was the first woman ruler of India? Razia Sultan

These are the most important 100 GK Questions for Class 7th Practice this GK for Class 7 with answers to improve your GK knowledge. You can also download these questions in Pdf format. So if you like this post don’t forget to share your friend on social media thanks for visiting