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Assam Type House Design: 15+ Ideas to Build Resilient & Eco-friendly Homes

Welcome to Assam Type House Design beautifully reflect the architectural heritage of the state while accommodating modern living needs. The houses in the state are constructed to sustain the monsoons and complement the lush landscape. Their unique sloping roofs, spacious verandas, and use of natural materials such as bamboo and thatch allow these houses to promote environmental harmony.

Assam tea, Bihu dance, and natural flora and fauna define Assam to us. However, there is something other than this that the state is famous for: house design. Assam-type house design is an architectural marvel mainly due to its distinct construction style. The houses in the state are constructed using the natural resources available naturally, including clay, bamboo, thatch, and wood. Assam-type houses pay homage to their cultural roots with an emphasis on sustainability and an eco-friendly way of life. 

The use of specific materials contributes to durability and makes the home resilient to natural disasters such as earthquakes. There are several distinguishing features of Assam-type houses discussed in this article. So, read on: 

Assam Type House Design

Ikra Assam house design

Assam Type House Design

Ikra’s design embodies Assam’s traditional architecture with its steep thatched roof, extending verandas, and raised structure on wooden stilts. A central courtyard fosters natural ventilation and light. The intricately carved woodwork showcases Assamese craftsmanship, while bamboo screens provide privacy.

Bamboo Assam house design

Woven bamboo house on stilts in Karimun Jawa Indonesia

This design emphasises sustainable materials, predominantly bamboo, for walls, floors, and roofs. Bamboo’s flexibility and strength lend curved shapes and open interiors. Thatched roofs, inspired by local techniques, provide insulation. Cross-ventilation and minimal footprint suit Assam’s tropical climate. 

Mud rural Assam house design

Mud helps in constructing Assam houses that are naturally cool and environmentally friendly. Typically, the size of these houses ranges in length from 5 to 10 metres and 3 to 5 metres in width. The frame of the house is daubed with mud created using soil and water in a fixed proportion. This is also referred to as a kutcha house and keeps one cool during scorching summers.

Chang Assam house design

Characterised by a conical thatched roof, the Chang design is the original design wherein houses are constructed along stilts. The conical roof optimises rainwater runoff. Bamboo and wood create a sturdy frame promoting warmth and community gathering. The circular layout enhances airflow and accommodates cultural practices. This design reverberates Assam’s strong connection to nature and communal living.

Timber Assam house design

A fusion of modernity and tradition, the timber design employs sturdy wood for the frame and floors adding to contemporary comforts. The elevated structure safeguards against floods, while large windows provide abundant light and ventilation. Carved wooden panels pay homage to Assam’s heritage. The design harmonises classic and contemporary elements.

Royal Assam house design

Exuding opulence, the Royal design mirrors Assam’s historical architecture. Elaborate carvings decorate wooden pillars, walls, and ceilings are major features of this house. It also has high-pitched roofs with multiple tiers signifying grandeur. Spacious rooms accommodate luxurious living, and the design often includes ornate gardens.

Assam Type House Design on a low budget 

Traditional cottage-style Assam house

Traditional cottage-style Assam house

The traditional cottage-style Assam house offers a single-story layout with a central courtyard. The house design integrates bamboo and thatch construction into a simple and natural design.

Eco-friendly bamboo house

This Assam house is designed to utilise the functionality of sustainable materials like Bamboo. It features a bamboo frame structure with recycled materials. This ensures proper inflow of abundant natural light filters through large windows leading to an environmentally conscious and innovative dwelling.

Contemporary Assam house

The contemporary Assam House is a modern approach to a sustainable Assamese house. The design combines exposed brickwork and wooden accents. The design incorporates a combination of modern and traditional elements, seamlessly merging living, dining, and kitchen spaces. 

Loft house

The Loft house optimises vertical space in a two-story layout. It features a ladder or staircase that offers creative storage solutions. With this design, one can achieve efficient living arrangements and showcase a mix of practicality and style.

Modern duplex house

The modern duplex house reminisces Assam’s architectural elements in a two-story duplex. The house design features two floors, the ground floor is utilised for living and dining rooms. Whereas the upstairs has a bedroom fostering a sense of privacy.  The Assam house also features integrated traditional sloping and contemporary flat roofs offering a blend of traditional charm and modern functionality.

Assam Type House Design in simple

Single-room cottage

Create a cosy Assam-type house with a single-room layout. Constructed using bamboo and clay, the house features a thatched roof and a minimalistic design. The interior has a raised sleeping area along with large windows that provide ample natural light and ventilation.

Compact courtyard dwelling

This Assam house offers an architectural structure featuring a central courtyard in a compact setting. The courtyard serves as a gathering space and promotes cross-ventilation. The house also has two or three rooms arranged around the courtyard. To enhance privacy and add structural support, bamboo screens and wooden elements are used extensively.

Elevated wooden retreat

This Assam house is elevated on wooden posts and features a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. The wood adds an organic and natural touch to the house.  Teak, Sheesham and Oak are some traditional woods that offer durability and prolonged life to the house. 

Thatched roof haven

This Assam house features a thatched roof along with a bamboo frame. The house design also highlights an open floor plan with a raised sleeping area and a small kitchen space. Bamboo partitions are used inside the house to divide functional areas as walls.

Minimalist village dwelling

A minimalist Assam house pays homage to the simple lifestyle of the state. This house features a single-room structure and utilises clay and bamboo for construction. To make the house higher on the aesthetic side, the house is embraced with traditional detailing, such as carved wooden columns and vibrant textiles.

Types of Assam house design 

The following are the most commonly found house designs in Assam: 

Chang ghar (Stilt house)

This is a traditional house design in Assam and is known as this due to its stilt design. The house is elevated on wooden stilts that protect the house against floods and provide ventilation. It also features steep sloped roofs with thatch or simple metal sheets like tin and aluminium. 

Kutcha house 

As the name suggests, the kutcha houses are made of natural materials like bamboo, thatch, and mud. The house features a minimalist design and offers ample shelter to the dwellers. These houses are simple and cost-effective and reflect the traditional way of living in rural Assam.

Pukhuri ghar (House with pond)

Pukhuri means pond in Assamese language. So this house is situated either on the bank of a pond or there is a pond within the house premises. This design helps with water conservation and eventually maintains a cool microclimate. There is another design for this kind of house in which the structure is built around the pond accompanied by a raised veranda.

Bamboo-centric design house

This Assamese house emphasises the beauty and sustainability of bamboo. It also showcases the versatility and sustainability of bamboo. Talking of the design, the walls, and roofs are crafted with high-quality Bamboo walls. The intricate detailing on the bamboo sheets creates a rustic yet aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bamboo-clay hybrid house

This is yet another marvellous Assam house design that offers the functionality of clay and the strength of bamboo. This house design features bamboo frames and clay walls. It offers a harmonious balance between traditional and durable materials thus creating a cosy and comfortable living space.

Features of Assam Type House Design

The following are major features that make Assam house design different from housing constructions: 

  • Bamboo and wood construction
  • Stilted construction
  • Thatched roofs
  • Sloping roof
  • Bamboo and cane wall
  • Spacious verandas
  • Minimal nail use
  • Naturally cooling
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Sustainable design

In conclusion, the Assam Type House Design skillfully blends traditional building methods, locally sourced materials, and environmentally conscious concepts. As a result, they become a solid and long-lasting dwelling that values the local culture and the environment. This house is ideal for people who enjoy sustainable culture since it demonstrates how to use nature responsibly and still create a cosy and lovely home.