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10 Most Popular Japanese Fashion Trends in 2023

Most Popular Japanese Fashion When visiting Japan, it’s easy to see the strong and unique blend of traditional and innovative styles. From the vibrant street fashion scene in Tokyo to Kyoto’s high-end couture labels, Japanese designers express themselves by pushing the boundaries and creating fashion that is both visually striking and thought-provoking.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the leading fashion trends in Japan in 2023.

1. Designer Face Masks:

In Japan, people have been fond of wearing designer face masks for a long time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend gained a lot of popularity, as face masks became a protection garment. However, fashion enthusiasts don’t like wearing normal masks as they don’t complement their entire look perfectly. Therefore, designer face masks became extremely high in demand.

Even after the pandemic, people still love to wear these designer face masks because they look cool and stylish. These masks have unique patterns, designs, and cutouts, which make them unique.

2. Goth Grunge:

The Japanese goth grunge style is extremely unique and known as J-grunge, which is one of the most popular fashion trends in the history of fashion. Typical outfits for those who like J-Goth and Gothic Lolita include ruffles, bows, and lace on any length dress paired with buckled Mary-Jane shoes and stockings.

Some also wear hand gloves with a veil net that is mostly equal-sized from the front and back. Additionally, they wear bonnets and chokers, bracelets, and lace parasols.

People either DIY these types of outfits on their own or buy them from thrift stores mostly as they are slightly expensive, making them unaffordable for everyone. While wearing this type of dress, they mostly go for soft or sometimes smokey makeup, with the eyes being the most targeted feature.

The goth clothing side of the fashion industry is of particular interest right now, and it is also very popular in the US to wear fairy grunge clothing, which combines grunge with fairy-core style.

3. Oversized Tops:

The trend of oversized and baggy clothes is certainly not unfamiliar to most of us. Originated from the street fashion of Tokyo, it is now commonly worn by both celebrities and ordinary people alike.

Oversized clothes are not only comfortable but also extremely versatile, as they can be easily styled with both fitted and baggy bottoms, worn on top of shirts, or even as a one-piece outfit.

4. E-Girl:

In the streets of Japan, it is not hard to fine plenty of E-girl-inspired looks.

The aesthetic of the E-girl is one of the most appealing Japanese fashion trends, characterized by doll-like anime looks blended with gothic and grunge styles.

Drawing inspiration from K-Pop fashion and rave cultures, the current E-girl concept is a reflection of the earlier “electronic girls.”

5. Techwear:

Reddit and social media are buzzing with Japanese Techwear brands right now because of their unique aesthetics.

The Techwear fashion trend in Japenese is very popular because Japanese designers are putting their efforts perfectly to develop avant-garde Techwear by using creative materials.

Techwear is one of the most popular Japanese fashion trends. It is completely true that the streets of Tokyo are the base of the Techwear fashion trend.

6. Loud Printed Suits or Shirts:

This loud printed trend is popular all over the world, but what sets Japanese printed shirts apart from others are their bold, loud prints with vibrant colors.

Japanese designers incorporate floral and traditional elements into their designs, resulting in a boho-chic aesthetic. In addition, elements such as dragons, snakes, bamboo sticks, and more are also included in the designs.

Japanese printed shirts are a unique blend of cultural and traditional elements that make them stand out in the fashion world.

7. Plaid on Plaid:

Japanese fashion trends are currently rocking plaids in a single outfit inspired by the preppy 90s style. Whether it’s matching plaid on plaid or a mismatched look, this trend exudes a super cool vibe.

When the colors and styles of the plaids complement each other rather than compete, the plaid on plaid style looks particularly impressive. You can style this trend however you like, but platform shoes are a staple that will never go wrong with plaid on plaid outfits.

8. Pastel & Metallics:

Inspired by the retro-futurist aesthetic and 80s fashion, this Japanese fashion trend is rapidly gaining popularity.

One of the most popular combinations for women is a collection of sexy or kawaii pastel garments paired with metallic items such as cropped pants, shimmering pleated skirts, or sneakers.

Some fashion enthusiasts even opt for a full metallic look, complete their look with shiny clutches, silvery eyeshadow, metallic nails, and shimmery lips.

9. Dalmatian Dots:

Dalmatian dots are the newest Japanese fashion trend.

Great Britain’s heritage and history are an important source of inspiration for Japanese designers.

Any aspect of British entertainment, even cartoons or movies, matters because we live in a world where reality and fantasy are often blurred.

With the success of the movie Cruella, which premiered in the UK in May, the dalmatian dots trend took off.

10. Pop & Block:

This Japanese fashion trend is inspired by androgynous and it is one of the most popular Japanese fashion trends.

Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel would complement your classic pants and pencil skirts.

In contrast, pair shades with similar intensities rather than sharp contrasts.

If pink was combined with orange, it would look stunning. If pink was combined with light green, however, it would not be as appealing.

The final look may feel unbalanced if each piece lacks a similar texture.


So these are the top 10 most popular Japanese fashion trends ever. Not just Japanese people are following these trends but these trends are followed by the entire world’s population.

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