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Assam Settlement of Khas and Ceiling Surplus Land (Basundhara 2.0)

The Government of Assam has relaunched the Basundhara 2.0. for the Settlement of Khas and Ceiling Surplus Land of the Government of Assam. You can apply for Myadi Patta of your Turji/Khas Land using the service.

Service Name: Settlement of Govt Khas & ceiling Surplus land

চৰকাৰী তৌজি মাটি নামজাৰীৰ বাবে আবেদন (বসুন্ধৰা 2.0)

The government Khas and Ceiling Surplus land in the occupation of indigenous landless
people can be settled in accordance with the Land Policy 2019, Section 1 ( Subsection 1.1 to
1.10), Section 3 (Subsections 3.1 to 3.4). The settlement of Khas and ceiling Surplus land is
carried out by Circle Officers with the approval from Deputy Commissioner, SDLAC &
Department (in case of Urban area land).


  1. For any particular service under Mission Basundhara 2.0, if a citizen applies under the category of SC and ST, they need to submit a caste certificate. No document is required for citizens applying under the general caste category.
  2. Additionally, SC/ST/OBC/MBOC can apply with their old caste certificate also but in the process, they will be redirected to the Bhumiputra portal for applying for the Bhumiputra certificate.
  3. The following categories will get an additional concession of 25% on the payable premium: – SC, ST, persons with disabilities who do not have a regular source of income, and widows having no earning members in the family.
  4. In case any official involved in the process of service delivery asks/demands any undue favour from the citizens in cash or kind then it must be reported to the Grievance Section of the RTPS Portal or the Helpline No. 1800-345-3574 so that corrective measures can be taken at the earliest.

How to Apply

  1. Firstly, visit. https://rtps.assam.gov.in/
  2. Then visit https://rtps.assam.gov.in/site/service-apply/settlement-of-khas-and-ceiling-surplus-land
  3. Click on Apply or আবেদন কৰক
  4. Enter your mobile number and SEND OTP.
  1. Complete the application and Pay the Fees. Print out the receipt.
Notified Public ServiceDesignated
Public Servant
Designation of
Appellate Authority
Documents to be enclosed along with the
Application Fees
Settlement of
Government Khas &
Ceiling Surplus land
Commissioner &
Secretary, Revenue &
DM Department
1. Touzi bahira receipt (If any).
/Bedakhali Jorimona paid receipt (If
Rs 50/- + Rs.10 Convenience Fee=Rs.60/-

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. For Rural Agricultural Land:
  2. An indigenous person does not have any land in his name or in the name of his family either as a tenant or as an owner anywhere in the state of Assam. He has no means of livelihood other than cultivation.
  3. An indigenous landless cultivator i.e., the persons who cultivate the land by themselves and whose livelihood is mainly cultivation.
  4. An indigenous landowner cultivator who has been rendered landless due to flood, erosion, earthquake and natural calamities
  5. An indigenous landless cultivator who belongs to SC/ST/OBC/MOBC Communities
  6. An indigenous person, who has less than 1bigha agricultural land in his name or in the name of any member of his family in the state and no means of livelihood other than cultivation.
  7. An indigenous widow having no earning sons or daughters (excluding married daughters) provided such a window intends to take up cultivation as a source of livelihood.
  8. An indigenous single woman, a disabled person desirous and capable of taking up agriculture as a means of livelihood.

Rural Homestead Land:

An indigenous family of the state who does not have homestead land in the name of any member of their families anywhere in the entire state may be allotted suitable homestead land not exceeding 1Bigha per family.

Settlement in Towns:

  1. An indigenous person who has no homestead land in his name or in the name of his family in the state may be eligible to get land in Guwahati city or in the urban area, provided-
  2. a) Such a person is required to reside in Guwahati city or in that Urban area by the very nature of his occupation/ service.
  3. b) He has sufficient ground to justify that he has not been able to purchase land in Guwahati city / other towns
  4. An indigenous landless person if found eligible and who has been under continuous occupation of govt land since or prior to 28th June 2001, may be considered for settlement of a maximum of 1katha-5lessa of land in case of Guwahati and 1katha- 10 lessa in case of other towns as a one-time measure for homestead purpose, irrespective of having land in rural areas.