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Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers

Friends, today we will study in Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers. Let me tell you all that in today’s time it has become very difficult to get a job. Everyone wants to give good education to their children. They want to prepare their children in advance so that our child can get a good job.

Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8

In today’s time, the competition has become so much that we have to prepare our child in advance. That’s why I have brought GK questions for class VIII for you. Friends, all these GK questions are for class VIII only, every question has been written in detail, so that it is easy for children to understand. All these General knowledge By reading Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 , you can make your child remember, and make your child’s future bright.

In this post, you have Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 which is only for the children of class VIII, you can also do all these 100 Gk Questions In English Class 8th PDF Free Download, which is not given at the end.

Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers

  1. L.P.G. What happens in gas? butane
  2. Jaundice is the disease of which organ? – Liver
  3. Which is the oldest Veda? – Rigveda
  4. When did the first five year plan start? – in 1951
  5. How many bones are there in the human body? – 206
  6. Which vitamin is obtained from sunlight? Vitamin D
  7. Who was the first to tell that the earth revolves around the sun? Copernicus
  8. With what is the light year related? astronomical distance
  9. Where is the Golden Temple located? Amritsar
  10. Where is Charminar situated? Hyderabad
  11. Where is Qutub Minar situated? Delhi
  12. Where is the Gateway of India located? Mumbai
  13. Where is India Gate situated? New Delhi
  14. Where is Taj Mahal situated? Agra
  15. Where was the “Azad Hind Fauj” established? Singapore
  16. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated? 5 september
  17. When is World Environment Day celebrated? June 5
  18. Who gave the slogan “Do or Die”? Mahatma Gandhi
  19. Who gave the slogan “Jai Hind”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  20. Who gave the slogan “Delhi Chalo”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  21. Who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”? Lal Bahadur Shastri
  22. Who gave the slogan “Maro Firangi Ko”? Mangal Pandey
  23. Who is called the Napoleon of India? Samudragupt
  24. Which is the highest civilian award of India? Bharat Ratna
  25. Name the highest gallantry medal of India? Paramveer Chakra
  26. Who is called the Shakespeare of India? to Kalidas
  27. Who is called the father of computer? Charles Babbage
  28. Who was the first person to go into space? Yuri Gagarin (Russia)
  29. Who is the first person to step on the moon? Neil Armstrong
  30. Who is the first Indian to go into space? Rakesh Sharma
  31. What is the name of the first Indian satellite and when was it launched? Aryabhata Sun, in 1975
  32. Which gland secretes insulin? pancreatic
  33. Which is the biggest dam of India? Hirakud Dam

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Top 100 Gk Questions For Class 7th with PDF

  1. How many Indian languages have been recognized in the 8th schedule of the constitution? 22
  2. What is the currency of China? Yan
  3. Who started the construction of Qutub Minar in Delhi? Qutbuddin Aibak
  4. Who was the author of Arthashastra? Chanakya (Kautilya)
  5. Who built the Grant-Trunk Road? Sher Shah Suri
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  6. Which disease is caused by deficiency of Vitamin ‘B’? beri-beri
  7. Which disease is caused by deficiency of Vitamin ‘C’? scurvy
  8. What is the chemical name of common salt? NaCl
  9. When is National Science Day celebrated? February 28
  10. Which is the smallest country in the world according to area? Vatican City
  11. How long did it take to make the constitution – 2 years 11 months 18 days
  12. How many chapters are there in the constitution – 22
  13. How many schedules are there in the Indian Constitution – 12
  14. Which is the first National Park of India? — Jim Corbett (1935)
  15. India’s first train — Mumbai to Thane (1853)
  16. How many days are there in a leap year? – 366 days.
  17. Which is the largest desert of India? – Thar Desert
  18. Which is the largest delta of India? Sundarbans Delta (West Bengal)
  19. Which is the largest dome of India? Golgumbad (Bijapur)
  20. When did Mahmud Ghaznavi attack Thaneshwar? – in 1014
  21. Blue revolution is related to? from fish production
  22. Jaundice is the disease of which organ? liver or liver
  23. When is International Teacher’s Day celebrated? – 5 October
  24. Who laid the foundation of Muslim rule in India? Mohammad Gauri
  25. What was the court language of the Delhi Sultanate? Farsi
  26. Where is Qutub Minar situated? Delhi
  27. Who inaugurated Qutub Minar? Qutbuddin Aibak
  28. Who is called the Shakespeare of India? – Mahakavi Kalidas
  29. What is the rapid fall in the barometer reading indicative of? stormy
  30. What is the name of the Indian desert? Thar
  31. Who discovered the blood group – Karl Landsteiner
  32. How many groups are there in human blood :- A,B,AB,O
  33. Which blood is co-omnivorous – AB
  34. Which blood group is a universal donor – O
  35. What is the percentage of plasma in human blood – 06%
  36. How many chambers are there in the human heart- 4
  37. The unit of power is? – watts or joules per second
  38. The unit of charge is? – Coolam
  39. Human urine is? – Acidic
  40. Citrus fruits contain? – Citric acid
  41. The unit of work is? – Joule
  42. The largest artery in the human body is? – Aorta
  43. Which is the highest sports award of India? – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  44. Which country is known as the father of chess? – India
  45. In which country did the game of cricket start? -England
  46. Who administers the oath to the President? – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  47. Liver oil of fishes is rich in what? – Vitamin D
  48. What is the temperature of the human body? – 37°C or 98.4F
  49. What is the unit of power of lens? – Diopter
  50. In which year the Nobel Prizes started? – 1901
  51. What is the currency of Bangladesh? – Taka
  52. Which is the largest public sector undertaking in India? – Indian Rail
  53. Which railway zone has the longest length in India? – Northern Railway
  54. How many types of railways are there in India? – 3 types
  55. When is Rail Day celebrated every year? – 16 April
  56. Between whom was the second battle of Panipat fought? Akbar and Hemu
  57. Which country is the main producer of sugarcane? India
  58. Human heart beats in one minute? 72 times
  59. Energy is available for photosynthesis? -Sun’s
  60. Urea is? —nitrogenous fertilizers
  61. Which is the largest state of India in terms of area? Rajasthan
  62. How many spokes are there in the Ashoka Chakra? 24
  63. Which was the first film made in India? King Harishchandra
  64. Which is the smallest bone? steps
  65. Which is the biggest bone? femur (thigh bone)
  66. How many muscles are there in the human body? 639
  67. What is the life span of Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC)? 120 days

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